Detailed rules for reviews
1. Each publication is assessed by at least two independent reviewers from outside the institution with which the author is affiliated.
2. The recommended approach is a model in which the authors and reviewers do not know their identities (i.e. double-blind review process).
3. In other cases, the reviewer must sign a declaration of no conflict of interest; the conflict of interest between the reviewer and the author is considered when one of the following situations is true:
a) direct personal relationships (kinship, legal relationships, conflict),
b) relationships of professional subordination,
c) direct academic cooperation during the last two years preceding the preparation of the review.
4. The review must be in writing and must conclude with an unambiguous statement as to whether the article can be published or rejected.
5. The rules of qualifying or rejecting a publication and a possible review form are made public on the journal’s website or in each issue of the journal.
6. The names of the reviewers of individual publications/issues are not disclosed; once a year, the journal publishes a list of cooperating reviewers.


Rules for preparation of publications
Review form
Author’s Statement



With the academic reliability and quality of the published articles in mind, our Publishing House is implementing a procedure protecting against ghostwriting. Both “ghostwriting” and “guest authorship” are syndromes of academic fraud.

In “ghostwriting” the author or a co-author of a publication makes a significant contribution yet his or her participation in such a capacity is neither disclosed nor is the person credited as the/an author in the acknowledgements.

In the case of “guest authorship”, the participation of an author is negligible or none at all, and yet such a person is credited as the/an author of the publication.

Our Publishing House hereby informs that all the revealed cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship will be made public, and that such information will be shared with appropriate bodies; moreover, all the cases of academic fraud disclosed is will be documented.